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We Specialize in fundraising for Associations, Democratic Political Candidates & event coordiantion.

With over twenty years of experience working with the State Legislature we have developed many contacts in the political & corporate arena that benefit our clients fundraising & consulting efforts.

What We Do


We specialize in political consulting, fundraising for Democratic Political Candidates & event coordination.

(Partial List) Present & Past Clients


Lisa  Calderon  for  Assembly  2020,  Kansen  Chu  for  Assembly,  Milo Fitch for Sacramento Sheriff,  Mike Kasperzak for Assembly, BOE Chairman Jerome Horton, Allen Warren for  Sacramento  City Council, Gil Cedillo for LA City Council, Gil  Cedillo  for  Assembly  

Sharon Quirk-Silva for Assembly,  Karen  Bass  for  Congress,  Jim Cooper for Sheriff

Jim Cooper for Elk Grove City Council, Betty Williams for Sacramento City Council

Arturo Chavez for Assembly,  Richard  Alarcon  for  Assembly,  GreenTech  (501c3)

Black  Youth  Leadership  Project  (501c3)


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